Have you ever watched your words? Do you know the words you use every day can change your destiny?Do you know a careful selection of words can make your future bright? So when was the last time you earnestly thought about the words you use every day?

Let's see how your words can make things better, bigger and nicer. 

For example, you have an idea that you are extremely ugly, having a feeling of insecurity. Every day when you see your good looking friends you feel terrible and you get thoughts like 'i want to look like him/her' 'He can get a gorgeous bride' 'She can be a model' 'her life is so manageable'. So these things you repeat every time you see them( consciously or subconsciously).

Then you start using words that can support your thoughts. 'I'm not going to get a decent job, I'm so fat and short' 'My juniors will ridicule me just because I'm short' etc. 

This repetition strengthens your belief and gets embedded in your subconscious mind. Now you don't take necessary actions to get a job your dream job because you think you are not a fair option for the company or firm. As a result, you lose that job and the real reason why you didn't get the job is you didn't prepare well.  

So you see the cycle


The words you use have tremendous power to shape your future.So you see thoughts have a significant role in our lives. The way we act depends on our thoughts. So now the question arises how to be optimistic every time.

We are human beings and it's natural to have negative thoughts but with the proper attitude, we can make ourselves more optimistic, confident and happy. We all know the advantages of being optimistic. So let's check with an example of how being optimistic can change the worst situation to create the best opportunities. 

You are working at CISCO with an annual package of 7 lakhs. You work hard but you don't get the promotion. One fine day the company asked you to leave. You have a low bank balance and you have nothing to do. Due to your less qualification no other company wants you. Weeks pass and you are feeling depressed seeing your conditions. Then you decide to start taking pictures of your friends. With time you improve your photography skill and with god's grace, you get a job to take pictures of new models. With your hard work, you opened your studio, earning 4-5 lakhs every year. Now you are happy with your career, it's no more a burden. 

So here you lost your job but you got into something that makes you happy. The decision you took was a turning point and it changed your whole life. That's the magic of optimistic behaviour.That's the magic of optimist!

So now you might be thinking, 'should I ignore all my negative thoughts' 'should I ignore all negative feedback from others' ' should I avoid all my problems, my crisis?'

So the answer is no. 

When we are in situations where someone insults us or inject negative thoughts inside our mind we lose the ability to think properly and positively. This impacts our decision making and thought to process. What we can do is get feedback from an encouraging person, who can give creative solutions and encouraging thoughts.  

For instance, you want to open your salon and you have plans to complete your goals. If you discuss your plan with someone who has zero knowledge in this field you may feel disappointed and discouraged but if you discuss it with an optimistic person who knows about salon business you may feel encouraged and he may provide you with some intelligent options.Your thoughts and words have enormous power to create great opportunities and a better future. So pick positive thoughts and positive words.


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