There are too much misconceptions about having fit body than having a shredded body. There are a bunch of myths about fitness workout plans that are still prevalent in tons of gyms as well as in the minds of beginners.

Here, in this article , we shall break down 8 such myths that are still prevalent in the minds of fitness beginners on having a shredded body. 



"You have to workout daily for at least an hour to get a ripped body"


There is no fixed time limit for working out. Even if you get good results while working for 20 minutes , it is also beneficial for you. It all depends on the body stereotypes. All you need is a good fitness workout plan that suits you the best. But what really matters is how hard you workout. If you target specific muscle masses and provide the proper workout , then 20 minutes are more than enough to see positive results within 20 days. But you have to be particular and push yourself harder.



"Everybody can get the V-shaped  abdominal designs by following certain workout procedures"


There are mainly 3 types of body designs namely- 




Not all have the same body structures.

An endomorph has a skinny physique with much of muscular fats along the love handles. They tend to gain weight and so shredding body fat is not their cup of tea.

Ectomorph are basically hardgainers. They do not put weight so easily. Their body has a lean and thin physique . They have small muscle bellies and bony limbs . The required muscle mass in their body is low as compared to the normal muscle mass of a human body. 

Mesomorphs are the best of all. They tend to have round shoulders, narrow waist and a round belly ; nor too fat nor too skinny.

So you maybe any three if these categories.

If you are an endomorph, you need to burn fat either by following a strict diet or by harder cardio workout or HIIT.

If you are an ectomorph you need to have a good nutrient rich diet in order to boost up your nutrient repartioning. You also need a well-planned workout routine that hepls in you in getting ripped. 



" Protien shakes work the best in the post workout period as they bring cuts and shreds to your muscles ''


Protien shakes only boost your body metabolism. They do not aid in muscle building or body shredding. So whether you drink protien before or after workout is not a big deal. It depends on you when you feel good to drink protien shakes. But according to me, if you drink protien in the pre-workout period, it boosts your body metabolism and you can push your body harder for a long workout period. 

So , whether you drink protien before or after workout will not affect your muscle strength or size. 

Actually what matters is the amount of protien that you consume. 

An ideal protien shake consists of 24g protien and less than 2g of carbs. 

It means that if you take 30g of protien in one scoop, it must consist of 24g of protien and less than 2g of carbs. Then it is considered to be an ideal protien supplement.



"Steroids are very much necesary for bringing shreds and cuts to the body"


Steroids, whether legal or illegal, have many side effects in the near future. 

They can harm your body rather than providing you a muscular shape. 

Professional bodybuilders or athletes take steroids for they have to compete in the arenas and that too for a very short interval of time. 

So, consuming steroids is not at all a wise choice.

Rather than that focus on your workout routine and bring changes in your diet for the type of body you want.



"Doing more reps of crunches will melt belly fat and will give you a perfect looking abdominals."


I was once a victim of this myth. I used to consider that doing more and more reps could melt all the belly fat and could give me a perfect looking six pack abs.

But with passage of time , I realised without burning belly fat if I relied on crunches, all did they give me was some pain in my abdominals.

Without burning belly fat, doing even a 100 reps of crunches won't be a s effective as doing 30 crunches by burning belly fat. 

So, all you have to do is a full body cardio or a HIIT training that targets the whole body and aids in fat loss. 

But also keep in mind that you have to have a healthy diet or zero r minimal amount of sugar. That would burn calories drastically and would aid the fat loss process. 



"Morning workout is more beneficial than working out at any time of the day"


This is only a mind psychology and nothing more than that. 

The only benefit in morning workout is that your muscles get charged up from the morning itself and you remain proactive throughout the day. 

But it does not burn any more calories than an afternoon or an evening workout. 



"There's no need to warmup or cool down before and after a workout session as workout is warming up itself"


In order to prevent a muscle breakdown or injury a warming up is necessary. A good warmup involves a milder version of your workout routine that helps blood circulation and reduces the chances of muscle cramps or fatigue while doing mainly workouts such as dead lifts or bench presses. 

The same funda applies for a cool down. 



"Getting used to an exercise will burn up fewer calories than it used to"


Unless you've altered the intensity, you'll burn as much calories on lifting a 20kg dumbell set(for ex.) than you used to burn a month or an year ago. Your brain will however get used to the workout. So you will feel as if this workout is not as beneficial as it used to be. That's why you need to bring variations into your workout routine . 

In this whole article, I have emphasised on the need of a full body cardio as well as HIIT rather than targeting a specific muscle mass and doing more and more reps of a particular workout .

Let us know in the comments about the myths which you have come accross. 

Also let us know how many of the above-listed myths you were considering as true facts.

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