Many beginners as well some intermediate gym goers are unaware of how much to workout in order to get required muscle mass or maintain them. 

They underdo the workouts which do not affect their muscle fibres as much is required and end up in no growth or minimal growth. 

Or what they do is going much more heavy and higher rep ranges which results in injuries and major muscle tears which may have adverse effects in future. 

Let's go with science to know the right amount of work our muscles need in order to grow. 

According to a scientific study, every muscle in our body needs 10 sets of work to be done on it to grow in a weekly basis. Now not that you will do exactly 10 sets. 8-9 sets are enough to make your muscles grow bigger and stronger. 

12-16 reps are enough in a set. Actually, your muscles need minimum tension of 1minute to get exhausted and to develop little tears. It was seen that 12-16 reps per set take upto a minute so this is the rep range! 

Now, what actually happens when you work your muscles  for 10 sets per week? 

When you do the required work, the muscle tendons start developing minor tears in them leading to body providing them better nutrition(mainly protein) to bigger and stronger than before to avoid tear when you put the same workload on them the next time. 

Regarding the weight with which you should workout, you can go with weights with you're able to perform minimum of 12reps and maximum of 16 reps. Not anything more and not less. It is as simple as that. 

All you need to focus for better results is a strong muscle mind connection while working out and proper form to target the proper muscle and make it grow. 

Keep hustling untill we meet for the next time... 

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