Fitness has got many forms of workouts and regimes to maximise gains. EMOM or Every Minute On the Minute is one of them!

I want to tell you about a nice form of workout where you manipulate your workouts and rest intervals.

This workout is known as EMOM workout or Every'' Minute On the Minute'' workout. Sounds fancy, right!! 

Here, you have to design one set of workout within 1 minute(pre calculated reps to be accomplished) and rest within that minute also!

Lemme explain in detail

Lemme explain in detail What I mean to say is, suppose you choose to do pushups for example. You target 15 pushups in one minute. So you have to complete your targetted sets within 35-40 secs so that you can rest for the next 20-25 seconds. If you take more time than that, your rest time would be reduced as you have to complete the whole set of that workout and rest within that one minute only. 

You've to choose 8-10 workouts from the exercise pool which I'll provide you and choose your targetted reps within 1 minute. Keep in mind to choose your reps wisely for you got to take rest between the reps and within that 1 minute interval. 

Make yourself a workout routine for today, choose your desired workouts(8-10 mins) 

Workout pool


Knee pushups

Clapping pushups

Superman pushups



Jumping squats 

One legged squats 

Tuck jump 


Jumping lunges 


Plank to pushup

Mountain climber 

Spiderman Mountain Climber 

Tricep dips 


Punch and jump

You can choose any set of exercises from the pool and can workout as per the given instructions! Believe me this is one of the best ways to get maximum desired results within minimum time!

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