Well, most of you might have heard of muscle building therapy or muscle gain. But little have you might heard to loose muscle. 

But why to loose muscles ?

There are many reasons for a desire to loose muscles. Some of the most relevant reasons might be : 

Excessive muscles might be giving you a bulky look.

Want to cut muscle in certain body parts and tone certain muscle areas. 

Mainly females wish to slim down and have toned muscles rather than a bulky muscle mass as that of men. 

The main focus is on a shredded body than that of a muscular body. 

For cutting down muscle in specific areas, you need to know what muscle growth or hypertrophy means. 

Muscle growth or hypertrophy refers to building muscle in body or specific areas by methods of proper calorie diet , weight training and cardio.


The same applies for putting a stop to muscle growth. For muscle mass reduction you have to follow the same dieting, weight lifting and cardio except for the methods should be different. 

But you have to avoid some workout mistakes that can kill your gains. 


The first and foremost thing you have to keep in mind is that you have to monitor how much calories you burn in a day. A rough estimate suggests that on an average we burn 1800-2000 calories normally without any workout or running or cardio except for you are too lazy to do some work. And if you workout or do some cardio and HIIT then you are most probable to burn some 500-600 calories extra. Altogether you burn an amount of 2500 calories on a day in an average. So if you consume some 2000calories per day then you are calorie deficit and which eventually leads to fat burn and a noticeable reduction in muscle mass within a span of 6-7 days. But make sure that you do not be severe calorie deficit or else that would lead to weakness and sourness in body physique. Make sure to consume protien and carbs rich diets. 

Weight training:- 

If you are training with weights and you want an aid in muscle loss, then make sure you use lighter weights and reduce weight training period to 2-3 times a week to maintain tone. Always keep in mind that you have to make sure to provide minimal pump to the muscle during the time of muscle loss or else it would be of no use. Also make sure you stop lifting the weights a few reps before fail. 


Since the day I started writing fitness articles, I have emphasised on the need of cardio as well as HIIT for they are the backbone to any fitness goals you pursue. You have to focus a particular muscle (for eg: abdominals) and have to perform such cardiovascular training that targets a muscle loss in your abdominals and then you can follow strength training to make the muscles more toned. The best in doing cardio is the HIIT training because according to a study conducted by the American College Of Sports Medicine, HIIT is one of the top as well as most voted fitness trends in today workout routines for it can give desired results in a short span of time.

Following these methods can yield better results in less amount of time as compared to working out normally without applying these techniques.

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