Do you know which is the best selling car in India?



This car comes in number five. 

15 lakh units of Tata India were sold. 


Hyundai Santroca cars sold 1.3 million cars. 


When Maruti Suzuki 800 entered the market, the sales of the car were absolutely. 

27 lakh units of Maruti Suzuki 800 were sold. 


Maruti Alto is considered to be one of the most popular cars.

39 lakh untits of Maruti Aulto were sold. 


Hindustan Ambassador was India's first four wheeler car. 

Hindustan Motors of India had released the model of this car.

The other name of this car is also Kings of Indian Roads.

This car was the only car that lasted 60 years.

40 lakh cars of Hindustan Ambassador were sold, which is the biggest sell till date.

Do you know what is the most dangerous pain in the world 

Burning in human form is considered to be the most dangerous pain, that is, if someone burns these living people, then no one can have dangerous pain from him.

When a mother gives birth to her child, she faces a lot of pain, that's why forgiveness is the biggest and it is also the most dangerous pain in the world that a mother has to bear.

Do you know how many packets of Maggi are in 1 day?

-If you do not know then let me tell you that 120 million packets of Maggi are sold in 1 day

-And by the time you are reading the article, 2000 packets of Maggi would have been sold.

Do you know that the number of people found in Paris, the capital of France, is less than dogs, that is, dogs in Paris are more than humans.

There is no restriction on taking dogs in the subway in Paris or any public places where we can take our pets.

Do you know what is the world's most brain workout game?

Chess is the most brain workout game in the world. 

Chess was invented in India.

And you will be surprised to know that the second book printed in English in the world was Chess. 

Did you know that BANANA can be poisonous too?

Yes, you read it right, they can be poisonous too. Bananas are radio active which contain potassium.

that contain potassium-40

Due to which radiation comes out in banana, if you want to die after eating banana, then you have to eat it in one go for one crore, was it not this amazing fact.

You know an amazing fact about kissing?

According to a scientific research, if these two people kiss for 10 seconds, then more than 80 million bacteria are transferred in the mouth of both of them.

After reading this fact, most people will think that we will not kiss in the future, but do not panic, most of these bacteria are beneficial for our body, only about 0.1% of bacteria do harm.

Do you know why your hairs stand up

Let me tell you this is a common phenomenon which we have inherited from our ancestors which is called GOOSE BUMPS.

Our hairs make our hairs to protect our body from cold or to realize some danger, usually the incident happens in animals, that means when the cold weather comes, the thick hairs of the animals stand up or when there is a danger habitat. their hair stands out so that their body looks bigger.

The stress hormone is responsible for this phenomenon.

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