It is often seen in beginners that they all want a shredded looking six pack abs. It has become more of a showoff kinda thing rather a fitness element.

All they think is doing some sets of crunches or toe touches or working only abs will fetch them a six pack! 

But that's not the case! Let me tell you why? 

By doing abs workout, you're only working out the muscles of the abs that would grow eventually. But what about the belly fat that's hiding your rectus abdominus inside the layer of thick fat that you possess! 

So working out only abs doesn't build them but burning the layer of belly fat does! 

Let us know in detail, HOW?

1. Cardio : 

As everyone knows cardio burns fat. But how does cardio burn belly fat? 

The answer is, when you do cardio, it stimulates the whole body to burn fat from overall body. When performed consistently, it stimulates even greater parts  of the body and eventually you burn the belly fat to make your set of abs visible. 

2. Diet : 

Has anyone on Earth achieved a shredded physique without having a proper diet!? No. So you should plan your diet very strictly and precisely to get better results. You should follow a caloric deficit diet. 

If you don't know what a caloric deficit diet is, let me give you a basic idea. So let's consider your body needs 2000kcal every day to maintain the body composition. When you intake anything less than 2000kcal, say 1800kcal then you're on a caloric deficit diet and your body cannot maintain the same composition which it was maintaining due to lack of nutrients. As a result it starts burning out the fats as it cannot provide them nutrients anymore due to shortage. 

So being in a caloric deficit diet plays a great role in losing belly fat. 

The other factors which play a significant role if not major roles in belly fat loss are proper sound sleep(min 7hrs a day) and enough water intake(min 10 glasses a day). 

These also determine your quality of muscles and shredding level of your body. 

So keep in mind these 4 factors if you're aiming to have abs or to remain at low fat levels.

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