Two or more interconnected computers or other digital devices and the arrangement that connects them is called computer network. These computers/computers can exchange electronic information among themselves and are connected to each other by wire or wireless. If we want to connect computers, then we need network cable or Wi-Fi.

In simple words, the exchange of information is called computer network, we can share information as well as resources from computer network.


There are 4 types of computer network

1- PAN  (personal Aria Network)

2- LAN (Local Aria Network)

3- MAN (Metropolitan Aria Network)

4- WAN (Wide Aria Network)


This is a small network which has its limits inside a house. For example, in a building, one or more computers reside in PAN. Along with this telephone, video game and some other devices are connected.

It is a small network which is used in our personal area. For example, when you connect a Bluetooth device to a remote device and share the data, it comes in a personal area network.

A personal area network is the smallest network which is very personal to user. This may include Bluetooth enabled devices or infrared enabled devices. PAN has connectivity range up to 10 meters.

PAN may include wireless computer keyboard and mouse, Bluetooth enabled headphones, wireless printers and TV remotes.


LAN is a computer network that is spread over a small area. It connects computers and workstations to share data and resources, such as printers and faxes. LAN is limited to a small area such as home, office or college.

All workstations, servers and printers are connected to this network with the help of network devices. The printer can be used by other workstations.

The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) in the United States produced a series of standards for LANs, called the IEEE 802 standard.


MAN network is the interconnection of networks in a city. Generally, MAN is not owned by any one organization. It acts as a high speed network to allow sharing of resources within a city.

MAN(metropolitan aria network) can also be created by connecting remote LANs through telephone lines or radio links. Supports MAN network data and voice transmission. The best example of MAN is the television cable network in cities.


WAN covers a wide geographical area that includes many computers or LANs. It connects computers through public networks, such as telephones.

system, microwave, satellite link or leased line.

Most WANs use the leased lines already laid by large companies for Internet access as they provide faster data transfer. Leased line is a dedicated telephone connection between the service provider and the subscriber. The main advantage of using Leased Lines is that there is no interference by other users outside the network.

WAN helps an organization to establish a network between all its departments and offices located in the same or different cities. It also enables communication between the organization and the rest of the world.

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