There are many complications related to the workout time! 



These all questions might be popping in your head if you're a beginner. 

Today I'll tell you regarding this myth of the perfect time to workout. 

Morning time is the most ideal if not the best time to workout! 

Here's why:-

Scientifically an experiment was carried out where it was found out how women respond to food after working out in the morning. 2 groups of participants, one group with healthy weighted and the other with obese. They walked briskly for 45 minutes. They were less distracted to delicious foods as compared to when they didn't workout at all. 

If you workout in the afternoon, you'd get exhausted easily as the temperature of your body is highest at that time. Moreover you have your lunch at that time of the day which makes it more uncomfortable and uneasy to workout. 

If you're thinking to workout during evening time, it can affect your night's sleep and can cause muscle fatigue during your sleep which is very undesirable. 

The only time left which is the most ideal is early morning when you start your day with a very good morning workout. In that way you also feel relaxed and active to work for the rest of your day. 

Many experts also suggest that no time is imperfect or anytime is perfect for workout which is correct to a certain extent for the above stated problems. 

It's upon your mindset to decide your workout timing and plan your day accordingly. 

Here are listed some proven benefits of morning workout. 

Proven benefits of morning workouts! :- 


*breakfast is healthy and timely due to heavy workout 

*morning pump is rewarding both for blood flow and muscle fibres as they get enough purufied oxygen in the morning 

* It developes concentration as your nervous system is active right from the start of the day and you get activated to do any sort of work you wanna do throughout the day! 

*It saves you time as you wake up 2 hours earlier than you used to. As a result you can add 2 hours of more productivity to your daily routine

*It makes you more disciplined and motivated enough if practiced for 21 days straight!! 

Fitness is not a lifestyle; it's life itself. So if you are deciding to workout as regularly as you have food, I've briefed you about the perfect timing to plan it!

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