Been working out daily and following the right diet but still can't gain muscle? Then the answer to your WHY is right here!

Reasons why you are not gaining muscles and how you can fix them?

1) Not lifting enough 

To build muscle, you need to progressively add more weight to challenge your body. Aim to light heavier with rep range between 6-10 reps. 

2) Are you under eating?

Diet is the most crucial part of muscle building. Ensure that you are in a calorie surplus and eating quality whole foods. 

3) Don't underestimate recovery  

Your muscle grows when you are resting. Give 24-48 hours break for your muscles to repair after hard training

4) Calculate your protein intake

Protein is one of the most overestimated macronutrients in diet. To build muscle mass, ensure that your protein intake is 1g per pound of bodyweight daily 

5) Watch your sleep cycle

Sleep is extremely important for muscle building and muscle repair. High cortisol (stress hormone) levels are directly linked to lack of sleep. This can absolutely steal your gains. Make sure to sleep like a baby. 

6) Training inconsistency 

Lacking consistency is one of the biggest killers of your goals. Show up at least 4x a week in the gym. 

With that being said, building muscle mass takes hard work, dedication and the right mindset. 

In case you have not been seeing the result, ask yourself - 

Do you want this enough to put in the efforts?

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