Workout can give you significant transformations in body shape and size. It can give you a new body design and a new strength.  But for that a well- planned workout schedule is necessary. And more important is your pre-workout as well as post-workout plans.

But some of the workout mistakes are killing your gains. Let's know how:

Not doing a proper warmup before workout

 A proper warmup before workout can you give you better benefits than a without warmup workout. A good warmup session prepares your muscles for harder cardio as well as resistance training.  Not doing a proper warmup may result in muscles cramp or may result in tears in tissues as well as muscles which may result in a complete tear/rupture of the muscles. So a warmup is very essential.

A proper diet

 Most of you , knowingly or unknowingly ignore this part which results in a huge loss in calories despite all the cardio workout you do to increase calories intake. You must intake 100-300 grams of calories.  45gms of carbs and a little protein would be a cherry on the cake. Avoid fatty as well as cholesterol rich food after the post - workout period.  So, in order to make the most out of your simple workout.

Not deloading

 Most people think that they will get as quick and better results as hard as they workout, but they end up with too much load on the body causing muscle strains and no gains. As a human body our body also needs rest to build up and strengthen the muscles based on your previous workout session in order to handle more pressure. But if you workout continuously your muscles won't get sufficient time to repair and rebuild themselves and result in muscle strains. So you need to do the workout alternately. Means 3-4 days of workout a week must be essential and is enough to get a higher level physique than before. 5 days of workout a week is also not bad. But you have to be consistent.

Choosing the proper workouts based on your physique

 Now this is the case where most people get influenced by the high intensity exercises of professional bodybuilders and often forget that there body is not trained in the same way like that.  They follow the professionals without knowing what effects can the workout have on their body. So be aware of the type of workout you choose. If you are a beginner then follow the cardio alongwith slight resistance workouts. After you go on to the intermediate level choose the whole resistance as well as strength training.  If you are a pro, then you may design your workout plan according to your own convenience.  But remember beginner intermediate as well as advanced levels of workout shred the same amount of fat. But the only difference is your strength and resistance that depends upon the workout you choose.

Choose your goal

 Nothing was ever achieved without any goal. The first and foremost thing which eases the equation is you have set a target. If you wanna abs then focus more on cardio and abs workout.  If you wanna stronger arms then take the resistance as well as strength training.  The same formula applies for chests as well as thighs.  But if you wanna see all results within few days or weeks then you better stop dreaming and focus on your training. Nothing was ever achieved without patience how hard the equation might become. The perfect physique athletes that you see have not built such a healthy body in weeks. It takes months or upto years to build that kind of physique. Remain calm, be patient. You will surely achieve your target one day or other. 

Do not undertrain

 I have noticed many people having the mindset that if they do hard workout for one day, they might rest for the rest of the week thinking that the pain they feel might give them result. Blut the pain you feel is only an indication of the thing that you don't have the required fitness to perform the workout that you performed and felt the pain. If you really wanna a toned muscle system in your body,  never ever undertrain. Workout for at least 3 days a week. Anything lesser than that might kill all your previous gains. So be cautious.

Using the same routine

  As I mentioned earlier,  you workout levels should be upgraded alongwith the up gradation of your body's ability.  If you are using the same routine that you used to follow when you were a beginner, then you are just wasting your time. Don't use the same routine everytime . Slightly upgrade your routine. But at the same time always keep in mind that you mustn't choose the workout that do not suit you. 

For example: If you used to do 10 pushups while you were having no biceps,  now that you notice that your biceps have grown in size, make sure to increase your pushups reps to 15 one time or 20 one time. Similarly upgrade your other exercises as you notice a change in your physique due to that workout. But don't increase your reps so much that your body might not be able to take the load. Avoid hitting PLATAEU! 

Do not overthink. Just do it

 Now most you have such a psychological experience that pressurises you to think the harms or gains you might face with after following a workout. But the fact is workout might not provide you any gain. But never ever they did have any harm provided you follow them correctly. To see the results you have to boost your willpower,  get stronger and handle more volume than before. The harder you go, the more benefits you get.  So be honest to yourself,  be hard, work hard and keep working out.

While there are plenty of reasons why your gym progress has hit the skids, I have made you aware about the most common mistakes that kill you hardwork. Hope you make the most out of it.

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