Computer, one such thing without which today's world cannot be imagined. Computers are being used almost everywhere in the school, in the bank, in science. There are around 3 billion computers in the world today. Let us give you some shocking, mind blowing information about computers.

Computer full form-

C = Common

O = Oriented

M = Machine

P = Particularly

U = United and used under

T = Technical and

E = Educational

R = Research

7 Interesting facts about coumputer - 

1. First computer :

The name of the first electronic computer was ENIAC. of ENIAC full form is -

E - Electronic, N- Numerical, I - Integrator, A - And, C- Computer.

The weight of this computer was about 30 tons. In simple language, the weight of this computer was equal to the weight of 2 trucks. And this computer used to consume electricity up to 150 Kwatt. About 18 thousand Vaccum Tubes were used in this ENIAC.

(Vaccum Tube Vaccum Tube is a glass tube from which air is removed. And Vaccum is created from it. This Vaccum tube acts like a switches and amplifier. )

Many of these Vaccum Tubes used to break everyday. Because of which this big computer had to be kept off for more than half the time. And it is said that this ENIAC computer ran for 5 days without getting damaged.

2. Computer Virus :

Virus remains like a computer program. This program is designed to damage the computer. When this Virus is executed in your computer. And keeps repeating itself. But this Virus can be prevented from coming into the computer or laptop.

There are many ways to spread Virus in this Continuously Connected World such as E-mail, Text Message, Social Media, etc. There were many Virus Worm in Computer Virus. But we know about one of these old worms...

The name of that worm was "I Love You". This was the E-mail Worm. You used to get email in this virus. And the subject of that email was written "Love You". And there was an attachment below. In which Virus (computer program) resides. When we click on this attachment, then that program is automatically executed in your computer or laptop. And your computer or laptop also has files, overwrites them. And all the emails in your Windows address book or in the address of Microsoft Outlook, they used to send an email named I Love You • Automatically.

This email worm named "I Love You" came in the year 2000.

3. Harddisk

If we talk about Harddisk, then the first thing that comes to our mind is about the size of the harddisk. Harddisk is how much GB or TB.

But do you know? When the first harddisk was created, it used to have only 5 MB of space. That is, only one song of today's era was stored in it. And this harddisk was created by IBM in 1956. The weight of this harddisk was about 8 tons. The cost of this hard disk made by IBM was about 50 thousand dollars.

4. USB Port

Now we have to connect any external device to the computer, we can do it easily with the help of port. But at that time very big and different types of ports were worshiped like Serial Port, Parallel Port etc. Due to different types of ports, there were many problems in connecting external devices. That is why in those days many companies started looking for a solution to this problem together and this led to the discovery of USB. The full form of USB is Universal Serial Bus. USB has become an easy and standard port.

USB was invented by an Indian. In 1994, an Intel employee named Ajay Bhatt and his team did it together.

5. Keyboard Why are the keys above our keyboard not alphabetically?

The pattern of the keys above our keyboard is called QWERTY. This QWERTY keyboard was invented by Christopher Mouls in 1868. Earlier there were no computers, then typewriter was typed on and their keys used to be like piano. The keys above those who were earlier typewriters were arranged in alphabetical order. This Typewriter machine was a Poppet Mechanical Device, many mechanical links were used in them. While typing with this typewriter, there were some such words that used to come together alphabetically, while typing these alphabets while typing at high speed, then the typewriter would jam.

To solve this problem, Christoper Solus removed these alphabets and the name of this keyboard pattern created by Kistoper was named QWERTY Pattern, going forward this pattern became very famous and all Typewriter Manufacturing Companies started making Typewriters of QWERTY Pattern,

6. Weight of Internet: 

All of you must be using internet, but do you know whether internet also has weight.

Now you will think that who has measured the weight of internet, only it has been calculated to win over internet also websites Videos, Images, Files, etc. They are saved electrically and it remains in the form of all Data Electrons. And the weight of electrons is very less, which is 9.1 10 kilograms, according to the scientist, it takes up to 800 crore electrons to store an image of 50Kb. According to some scienitists, if you add 4GB of data to your mobile, then the weight of your mobile will be grow from 0.000000000000000001 gm.

7. Processor

do you know? Computer Processor consists of Diodes, Transistor and Resistors. In the second generation of Intel's 17 processors, there are up to 100 crore transistors, which we call Microprocessor. The processor of the computer does the work of processing in the computer.

The first microprocessor was invented in 1971. The name of that processor is intel 404 or about 2300 transistor in this processor.

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