As we know that our hair is made up of a protein called keratin, that is why protein is very important for hair. You will find many such products in the markets which make many claims to make hair beautiful and strong, but it is not so.

It can be costly for you to do a lot of experiments in hair, so think carefully before using any new products.

Modern lifestyle which is affecting our health due to excessive running, irregular eating habits, work pressure, adulterated food, polluted environment etc. Correct information is essential.


1. There are approximately 1,00,000 to 150,000 hairs on a human head.

2. Our hair grows very quickly.

3. At least 40-150 of our hair fall in a day.

4. 90% of the hair on our head continues to grow at any given time, and 10% remain.

15. We have to lose at least 50% of our hair in order to see even the slightest bangs.

6. Our hair falls from the thyroid.

7. Iron deficiency also causes hair fall.

8. There is no way to increase our hair follicles.

9. Due to lack of certain pigments in our hair follicle, our hair starts turning white.

10. About 13 days after birth, we see white hair.

11. A hair can weigh at least 2 kg.

12. Every day our hair grows at least 3-4 millimeters.

13. As we age, our hair takes time to grow.

14. As we age, our hair follicles start shrinking.

15. The name 'Shampu' is derived from a Hindi word, which means to stir.

16. After giving birth to a child, women have a lot of hair fall.

17. It takes at least 7 years for our hair to grow till the waist, and 3 years till the shoulders.

18. The only way to get rid of split ends is to cut them off.

19. If a hair falls out, a new hair grows at the same place.

20. While sleeping in summer, and at the age of 16-24 years, our hair grows very fast.

21. More carbon is found in black hair.

22. By examining just a tiny hair, a scientist can tell what we ate, what we drank, or what our environment is like.

23. The elements of carbon, oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen are found in our hair.

24. Hair is found in every part of our body except the back of our hands, soles and lips.

25. The life span of a hair is at least 4-7 years.

26. A man shaves his beard for at least 5 months in his whole life.

27. The hair found on our face grows faster than any other part.

28. If a man never shaved his beard, then after his entire life span, his beard would have been about 30 feet long.

29. The hair found on other parts of our body is often short.

30. Hair and nails grow even after death.

31. Very few people have red hair since birth.

32. As we age, our hair tends to dry out. 8. By examining a single hair, the scientist cannot tell whether the hair is of a boy or a girl.

33. Being too worried can lead to dandruff.

34. By cutting or not cutting hair, the speed of its growth does not change.

35. The medical term for hair loss is alopecia.

36. Most of the people have black hair.

37. When our hair is wet it can grow by 30%.

38. The practice of dyeing hair has not started recently. It started in 1950, when only 7% of people dyed their hair. 75% of the people adopting

39. A woman often takes at least one and a half hours to wash her hair, to dry it, and then to comb it.

40. People get a little idea about our character by looking at our hair.

41. About 95% of our body is full of hair.

42. Apart from the mentioned elements, iron and potassium are also found in our hair.

43. We should wash our hair at least twice a week.

44. Before washing we should not forget to put oil on our hair. Our hair gets proper nutrients and nutrition from oil and our hair

45. If aloe vera is applied on the hair, and then washed off, then a unique shine appears in our hair.

46. Used to clean hair oil.

47. We should very rarely apply tools like serums on our hair. The chemicals found in it keep the skin of our hair healthy.

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