Lion is a carnivorous animal that lives in the forest and it is also called the king of the jungle and this creature fills its stomach by hunting animals. One of the four big cats of the Panthers lineage is a lion and it is a very powerful animal. Lion is a very relaxing animal and once it hunts it rests for about 20 hours. Its species is now on the verge of extinction and perhaps in the coming time we will be able to see it only in pictures because there are only a few lions left in the world.


1. 2000 years ago, more than one million lions roamed the wild areas of Europe, Syria, Israel, Iraq, Pakistan, Iran and India.

2. In the 1940s, the number of Lions on Earth was 4.5 lakhs, which has reduced to only 32 thousand at present.

3. The word Aslan is a Turkish and Mongolian word for a lion that is depicted in the film The Chronicles of Narnia.

4. Lion is the second largest animal in the cat family after tigers

5. The darker the mane (neck hair) of a male lion, the bigger it is

6. Female lions like to mate with those male lions who have long and dark mane (hair on the neck).

7. Lions are good swimmers unlike other cat species

8.Lions can jump up to 36 feet

9. Lions eat 18 pounds of meat per day

10. The lion is the only member of the cat species to have a silky tuft of tail. The tufted tail of a lion is seen when it is 5

11. He attains the age of 11 months. Only one male lion out of eight has been able to survive till puberty. The main reason why lions die at a young age is to remove them from their herds at the age of 2 years.

12. To occupy a new area, 3 or 4 male lions have to live in groups. Male lions often kill rival male lions along with their cubs for habitat.

13. A strange incident was seen in 2002 when a lioness adopted a deer and protected it, however, two weeks later, when the lioness was sleeping, the male lion killed that deer.

14. Lion's bones are used in making traditional medicines in Asia, so many hunters also hunt them in view of its increasing demand.

15. A male lion can pull himself up to 10 feet in length and weighs around 400-500 lbs while that of lioness is 250-300 lbs.

16. Although Lions are called "King of the Jungle" but they do not live in forests but in plains and vast grasslands.

17. A century ago, the number of lions in Africa was given more than 2 lakhs, which has reduced to only 15 to 30 thousand today.

18. Lions can run at 50 miles per hour but only in a straight line and for a few seconds. A lion tries to get as close to the prey as possible before killing it.

19. The African lion is the largest among the lions dying due to injury.

20. The names of two stone lions outside the Public Library of New York are Patience and Fortitude, which were renamed in 1930 to reflect the virtues of New Yorkers due to tension. In 1893, two bronze lions were made outside The Art Institute of Chicago, in which the name of the South Lion is In an Attitude of Defiance and the name of the North Lion is On the Prowl.

21. There is a proverb in Turkish language that "The lion lives in the heart of every brave person".

22. The male lion is the only cat family that looks different from the female species.

23. The roar of the lion is the loudest in the cat species, which can be heard from 8 km away while the roar of the tiger can be heard up to 3 km.

24. Lions can see six times better in the dark than humans.

25. A lion can bite 30 times faster than domesticated cats, however in this case it is the weakest of the cat species, which is 600 psi while the jaguar has the highest psi of 2000

26. Lion is the most social animal in the Big Cat family.

27. In 2015, a 29-year-old woman was killed by a female African lioness through a jeep window. Since then, tourists in the park have been instructed to keep the windows closed.

28. The most dangerous land animal in Africa is not the lion but the Hippopotamus. Hippos kill about 500 people every year while lions kill around 100.

29. The largest population of lions is in Tanzania, Africa.

30. White Lions are still called African Lions but they have left their area due to color change in them. According to some beliefs, the white lion is considered the messenger of God who brings happiness and prosperity.

31. Asiatic lions, considered to be the cousins ​​of African lions, were once spread from India to Europe, but today their number is left with only 300 who live only in the Gir Sanctuary of India.

32. Male lions live 12 to 16 years in the wild while female lions live 15 to 18 years while in cages lions can live up to 20 years.

33. Lionesses do more than 90 percent of the prey.

34. Lions cannot run as fast as other big cats like Leopards and Tigers. He often uses teamwork and relies more on his strength than on his speed.

35. To kill Lions, hunters get from 5500 dollars to 50 thousand dollars, which depends on the size and type of lion. For this, hunters surround lions in large areas.

36. Male lions mate more than 100 times in two days to ensure that the lioness becomes pregnant. Each meeting lasts only a few seconds.

37. Lioness gives birth after keeping the cubs in the womb for three and a half months.

38. The dominant lion in a herd has two main functions, the first is to mate with all the lionesses of the herd and secondly that other male lions protect their herd.

39. Male lions can control their herd for more than four years.

40. A porcupine can fight with a flock of lions

41. Almost all big cats, including lions, spend most of their time sleeping and often sleep only 22 hours out of 24 hours a day.

42. Lions often hunt at night as their hunting success rate is up to 50 percent at night.

43. Mountain lions bury their prey in the ground or snow and whenever they are hungry they take it back from the ground and eat it.

44. The area of ​​a lion's herd may extend to 100 square miles in grasslands and open plains.

45. Lionesses often bring young deer young ones alive so that they can learn how to hunt their cubs.

46. ​​Lions can be of different colours, in which they are also skin coloured, brown, yellow and red.

47. Ostrich's legs are so strong that their kick can kill the lion

48. Lions can range from 2 to 40 members in a herd and on an average there are 13 members in a herd.

49. The only two species of lion left are African and Asian. There are about six subspecies of African lions. The mane (hair on the neck) of a male lion begins to grow from the age of 18 months, which continues to grow till the age of five years. The name of the famous MGM lion is Leo the Lion, which you will see roaring at the beginning of every MGM film since 1929.

50. Lion is also the national animal of many countries including Albania, Belgium, Bulgaria, England, Ethiopia, Luxembourg, Netherlands and Singapore.

51. The pupils of a lion's eyes are three times larger than that of humans

If a lioness mates with a female leopard, their cub is called a leopan, whose head is like that of a lion but the body is like that of a leopard. Leopans are often born in cages.

52. A cub born from the crossbreeding of a lioness and a male jaguar is called a jaglion.

53. If a lioness mates with a male tiger, then the cub born from it is called tigon. Tigons are also born from male lions and female tigers.

54. Whenever the lion gets time, he sweeps his body, which gives him energy.

55. The scientific name of lion is Panthera leo which is one of the five big cat species.

56. The most commonly found lion is the African lion, known by its mane and roar.

57. A lion can start roaring from the age of two.

58. Lions have such a rough tongue that they can easily clean the flesh of their prey.

59. Lions can open their jaws up to 1 foot, which is bigger than a human head. For this reason, the name of the lion comes in the biggest mouth of the animal kingdom.

60. There is a saint gland in the middle of the paws of a lion, that is why he does not scratch the trees.

61. The main food of lion is zebra, giraffe, deer and other grass-eating animals.

62. A lioness gives birth to 1 to 4 cubs every two years

63. Most of the lions drink water daily but they can live for 4-5 days without drinking water.

64. If there is a shortage of water, they often quench their thirst by eating melons instead of water.

65. According to ancient Greek mythology, the Nemean lion was believed to be the most famous lion that was killed by Geico Heckles. That is why he is depicted as Leo in the zodiac signs.

66. Lions do not grunt and in the big cat species only leopards grunt. Each lion has a black mark at the base of the whisker which is different from lion to lion as fingerprints differ from person to person.

67. When lions walk, their heels do not touch the ground.

68. Hearing ability is very developed in lions, that is why they turn their ears in the direction of sound. Lions can hear the sound of their prey from a mile away.

69. The griffin, a mythological creature, has the body of a lion and the head and wings like that of a vulture. This mighty creature was considered a symbol of the sun, wisdom and strength.

70. The Great Sphinx statue located in Egypt is the largest lion shaped like a lion's body.

71. By 2020, lions will reach the danger mark if they are not protected.

72. In Swahili Swahili the lion is eaten by the Simba.

73. When the lioness brings prey, it is first eaten by the male lion, after that it is fed to itself and finally to the cubs. Asiatic lions divide themselves into two herds, in which the male herd is separate and the female herd is separate, they come closer only during mating.

74. When the lioness comes out to hunt, the responsibility of protecting its territory and group is in the hands of the male lion.

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