The wolf is a wild animal in the form of a dog. Scientifically speaking, the wolf is the largest body member of the canidae animal family. Once upon a time, wolves were found throughout Eurasia, North Africa and North America, but with the increase in the population of humans, now their area has become much less than before. When genetic studies were conducted on wolves and dogs, it was found that the breed of dogs is descended from wolves, that is, tens of thousands of years ago ancient humans domesticated some wolves, which started the lineage of dogs. At present, 38 subspecies of them are known. Wolves live in families of one male and one female in which their young are also raised. It has also been observed that sometimes the male and female of a family of wolves also take shelter and raise the orphaned children of other wolves. The way of hunting wolves is social, they do not hunt alone, but in groups they hunt grazing animals like deer and cow. Wolves are the top hunters in their territory who are not challenged by anyone except humans and lions. Wolves have also found a place in many legends, in which they are depicted as very brave creatures, in some as slaying vampires and in others as man-eating satanic predators. Well the wolf is a very brave animal. The largest species currently known is the brown wolf. Wolves are 105 to 160 cm tall and 80 to 85 cm at the shoulder. Their weight is up to 52 kg and they can run many distances at a speed of 60 km per hour.


1. A scholar after studying wolf for years has written that there are very strict rules for their head, ears, hair, eyebrows, teeth and tail. When the tail is like and how many teeth are open, all these things are according to their caste rules. No low level wolf can come up to any wolf chief to raise his tail. Although the death penalty is not given in its punishment, but the intelligence of that foolish wolf is corrected. Then that wolf has to keep its tail pressed as if gum is sticking to the stomach.

2. Most of the wolves are found in Canada, Asia and Eastern Europe. There are large numbers of wolves in many states of America and Alaska.

3. The wolf is a very efficient and successful hunter. The wolves of America have hunted thousands of animals for years. It is easy for a single bloody wolf here to kill a hundred sheep in a single night.

4. America's wolves are called brown wolves, but in reality their color is red. sometimes very light brown wolves

Seeing this, the passerby gets confused by the dog and gets trapped in its circle.

5. The wolf has a lot of stamina, it keeps running all night and runs away when needed. Then its speed is 15 to 20 mph.

6. The weight of the wolf is up to 100-200 kg. Alaskan wolves grow up to 8 feet tall.

7. At the age of 2 or 3 years, the wolf makes its pair. Their babies are usually born by the end of spring. There are 4 to 14 children at a time, which the mother feeds for 2 months and the father goes in search of prey alone in the forests. When he hunts, drags him to his tent.

8. When the children grow up, the mother also helps in hunting because children feel more hungry and need more meat.

9. When the father wolf is free, he sits on a high place, guarding his tent. Seeing the danger,

By shouting, he warns his entire family. If a man is seen at that time, then the wolf tries to distract him. comes to the fore and takes the man away.

10. When the children grow up, the family moves into the open space and is often kept under constant guard, moving around an area of ​​200 square miles. He is familiar with every high place to hide and such meadow grass to which the color of his body is similar. In these places he teaches hunting to his children.

11. If another unknown wolf comes in their area, then he cannot go away alive. All the children of the wolf family live and roam with the parents. In a family there are five to ten big wolves and many small children. Sometimes relatives also stay with the family.

12. No other animal does as much as a wolf loves his family. It is normal for a wolf to give his life in defense of another wolf of the family or gang.

13. The wolf is very powerful. Its teeth are very sharp, sharp and strong like steel. In one go, it can bite an animal's spine or leg with its mouth.

14. The wolf not only hunts for food but also hunts for game. Many wolves come together in search of an animal and when they see a prey, two or three wolves secretly reach the prey by avoiding the wind. When the victim runs away, all the wolves follow him and the rest of the wolves spread far and wide and lay siege. The prey gets tired of running around and the wolves pounce on it and often attack its neck and some on the back.

15. The mutual cooperation of the gang of hunter wolves is very surprising. Like a very skilled hunter, they hold their front and give signals to each other. They also have their own way of keeping in touch. They play a lot with their prey. Wolves have very sharp eyesight. Their sense of smell is also amazing.

16. Wolves cannot become guard dogs because they generally have a tendency to hide rather than bark at strangers.

17. The eyes of a wolf baby are blue at the time of birth, which becomes yellow after eight months of age.

18. Wolves run on their paws so that they can easily stop and turn in the other direction.

19. Wolves can hear sounds up to six miles away under special circumstances, and in open tundra plains they can hear sounds up to ten miles away.

20. At a time, sparrows are found in almost all parts of the world, only in desert areas and they do not roam in rainforests.

21. A hungry wolf can eat 20 pounds of meat at a time. Wolves can swim up to 13 km.

22. Ireland was called Wolf-land in 1600 because many wolves lived here. Wolf hunting was also a popular sport at that time.

23. From 1883 to 1918, 80 thousand wolves were killed for bounty in Montana.

24. The smallest wolves live in the Middle East, weighing up to 30 pounds, while the largest wolves live in Canada, Alaska and the Soviet Union, weighing up to 175 pounds.

25. There was such a belief in ancient Greek that if anyone eats the meat of a wolf, then there is a higher chance of becoming a vampire.

26. Even today 6000 to 7000 wolf skins are sold all over the world. These shells mainly come from Russia, Mongolia and China. Which is used to make coats.

27. Wolf was the first animal in America's list of endangered species released in 1973.

28. Currently there are 50 thousand wolves in Canada, 6500 in Alaska and 3500 in the lower 48 territories.

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