Hardware is the mechanical part of the computer by which users enter the necessary information in the computer. The hardware part of the computer includes CPU, Memory, Hard Disk. Monitor, Printer, Mouse etc. are included.

The special programs present in the computer, using which different tasks are performed, are called software. These programs present in the computer are run by the CPU of the computer. MS Word, Google Chrome, Photoshop are the best examples of software.


Hardware and software are both very different from each other. The difference between hardware and software is shown in detail.

1. On the basis of the organ

 Hardware is the physical part of the computer, which is used to give instructions in the computer. Software is a program that is used to complete different tasks.

2. On the basis of development

 The hardware parts of the computer are made in the factory. The software parts of the same computer are made by the software engineer in the software development company.

3. Based on Dependency

 Hardware without software cannot perform any instruction given by the user, and without the same hardware, any instruction cannot be inserted into the software.

4. Based on Visibility

 Hardware is that electronic device of the computer which we can feel as well as touch. The same software exists only in digital form, it cannot be touched.

5. By Type

 Hardware is of three types Input Devices, Output Devices and Storage Devices. There are also three types of software Programming Softwares Application Softwares and Operating Systems. But the functions of these hardware and software parts are different.

6. Depending on the virus

The virus has no effect on the hardware, the same software can be completely ruined due to the virus,

7. On transfer basis

Hardware parts can be physically transferred. Software can only be transferred digitally.

8. On replacement basis

 If any hardware is damaged or broken, it can be replaced and repaired. But the software cannot be repaired, it can only be reinstalled.

9. On the basis of importance

Hardware is made up of different parts whereas a computer user is able to work on the computer with the help of software,

10. By Example

 Keyboard, Mouse, Monitor, Printer, CPU, Hard disk, RAM, ROM are examples of 3² hardware, while Ms Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Photoshop. MySQL is an example of software.

11. On the basis of work

 If the hardware is called the heart of the computer, then the software is called the soul of the computer.


It is very important to have at least display hard drive, keyboard, memory, motherboard, processor power supply and video card in any computer.

Without these things no computer can work. If there is any problem in any of these hardware parts of the computer or it gets damaged, then in such a situation the computer will not start, because with the help of hardware, the users enter the necessary information and information in the computer,

After entering the information, the hardware parts present in the computer run the software and process the information given by the user. After processing, with the help of hardware parts showing the output of the computer, the user is able to see the result.


The answer to this question is a bit complicated as there are many such software. Without which the computer can run easily because like hardware, software cannot use many things, but different types of software have been created to do different things and people download these software according to their need. . But if the operating system software is not installed in the computer, then the computer will not work at all. It is still a distant thing to work, without the operating system the computer will not start at all. In short, it depends on the need and type of software whether the computer can work without it or not.

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