Most of the movies are made in India inside the whole world, in India more than 18 movies are made in 1 year but not so many movies are hit, out of all these movies, only about 10 to 15 movies are such that are able to become hits. And despite being able to do box office collection, taking this risk, India keeps on making movies every year.

Inside India, we gym people also say Moviescope, they also earn a lot of money. In fact, the movie earns a lot of profit even before its release. It is said that people in India do not like good movies and acting, everyone does not like masala movies. It is necessary but it is not like that everyone liked a movie like Wednesday, but despite this, it could not earn money and neither could it make a name for itself at the box office. They go to the movie hall by giving good movies to Netflix in the colo TV hall or watching them at home on their smartphone, because of this, the movies that are so bad become a hit, but the good movies that have stories become a hit. Just because they don't have good publicity, they don't have good banners.


There are 4 PHASES to create any movie which I have written below.

1. PHASE 1 (Development)

  Script writing



2. PHASE 2 (Pay Production)







3. PHASE 3 (Production)

  Movie Shoting 


4. PHASE 4 ( Post Production)


  Visual effect

  Sound Designing

After all this process, distributor and sub-distributor are required to bring the movie to the hall, as soon as the movie is completed, the producer himself goes to the cinema hall and signs the agreement with the distributor and the distributor has to bring the movies to the hall. Here the director sells the movie to the distributor and goes away after selling the movie for double the money, here the work of the director ends and the work of the distributor and the sub-distributor starts, if a director has made a movie of 100 crores, then he goes to the distributor. Will sell the movie for 200 crores and now the distributor earns profit by promoting that movie in the hall.As much as the profit distributor earns from the movie, he has to give some part of it to the director later.

You must have noticed only one thing that A Wednesday movie could not be a hit, whereas everyone else had a very good story, I also have an off favorite story, one of its vision is that it was not marketed well i.e. so much was spent on its banners. not done on youtube etc. but didn't earn so much, instead there are some bad movies which have story or nothing but still it becomes a hit just because these have good marketing their banners etc everything Live well and because of platform like OTT now talented people are getting more opportunities

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