What is Object Oriented Design in Software Engineering

In order to initiate and implement software activities, software engineers need to create a proper design for the software, guiding them throughout the software development process. There are several types of software designs, which are used to simplify the designing process as well as reduce the complexity in the software.

Object-oriented design transforms the analysis model created using object-oriented analysis into a design model that serves as a blueprint for software creation.

Object-oriented design is an approach to software design that uses the process of defining objects and their interactions when planning the code for developing computer programs. Object-oriented design was developed to improve the accuracy of the code while reducing software development time. Object-oriented systems are made up of objects that work together by sending messages to each other to tell a program how to behave.Objects in software design represent real-life objects and concerns.

Why Object Oriented Design is needed

Object Oriented Design is considered as the following requirement in software development. 

Reasons to use it

  • Complex software systems become easier to understand, as object-oriented structuring provides a representation of reality in comparison to other programming techniques.
  • It is a well designed object oriented system, it is possible to implement changes at class level, without making changes at other points.
  • Using Polymorphism and Inheritance, Object Oriented Programming lets you reuse different components
  • The amount of work involved in modifying and maintaining the system is reduced, as many problems can be detected and fixed at the design stage.

What are the Characteristics of Object Oriented Design?

Objects are the abstraction of system entities, which are responsible for managing their own state and 

providing services to other objects.

  • Objects are independent entities that can be easily changed because state and representation information is contained within objects. of other system objects
  • Changes to the representation may be made without reference.
  • System functionality is expressed in terms of the operations or services associated with each object.
  • Object-oriented systems are easier to maintain because object-independent Happens.
  • Objects can be distributed and executed sequentially or in parallel. Decisions on equity need not be taken at an early stage of the design process.

What are the benefits of Object Oriented Design

The advantage of object-oriented design lies in the reusability of object databases. Since each object has only one function, the code for an object remains applicable for any instances where the object is needed.


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