Inherited characteristics of physicochemical and biological characteristics of air, water, land or soil that are harmful. Such changes are called pollution. The factors causing excessive change are called pollution. The Environment (Safety) Act was enacted in 1986 to prevent pollution.

Pollution Environmental pollution has taken the form of the most serious problem of the modern era and the developed and developing countries are equally concerned. First of all, the former Prime Minister, Mr. Mrs. Indira Gandhi had set up an independent Central Environment Ministry to overcome the growing menace of environmental pollution. Since then, at the government and non-government level, many ideas are being tried to find solutions to the problem. Many environmental protection laws have also been made. Unless the common man is made clear about environmental pollution and its potential dangers, it will not be right to even imagine a solution to this problem. We have to understand to the common man that what is environmental pollution after all? Generally, all the natural resources around the place in which we live, such as water, soil, air, vegetation, sunlight, forests and wild animals etc. make our environment or natural environment. These tools have a direct effect on our creation, health and mind. It is clear that the more clean and beautiful the natural resources of the environment are, our body health and mind will be equally healthy and good. In ancient times, Indian sages also knew this, whose description is found in Vedas, Upanishads, Puranas and other ancient texts. Adiguru Charak of Jaushadhi Vigyan has also mentioned water, air and soil as essential factors for life. Even in immortal poems like Abhijnanshakuntalam and Meghdoot of the great poet Kalidas, the effect of the environment on the mind has been felt.


It is axiomatic that all living beings perform their biological activities by freely using all the natural resources of their environment throughout their lifetime from birth to death.

"Any such process which obstructs the free use of natural resources is called pollutant and the resulting condition is called environmental pollution." In other words, by affecting the purity of natural resources, the substances and esi process that destroy or reduce their life utility is called pollution.


Above we learned about ten types of environmental pollution. The causes of environmental pollution can be both natural and human. Most of the pollution caused by nature gets balanced by nature itself, but the possibility of balance pollution caused by human activities is very less, here the main points about pollution caused by random human contribution have been briefly elaborated.

Contains pollutants such as nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide and carbon monoxide generated from traffic vehicles, which are the major cause of air pollution. Carbon monoxide (CO) is emitted by the overuse of vehicles such as cars for transport or for personal purposes.

In addition to fumes from vehicles, fossil fuel based power plants also present the problem of pollution on a large scale. Gases like sulfur dioxide are released in these fuels, which get directly into the atmosphere, which poses a threat to the environment. Polluted waste from industrial plants and factories pollutes the environment on a large scale. Chemical fertilizers, pesticides (ammonia, potash) used in agricultural activities, along with water pollution, along with soil pollution, when consumed in this way, when consumed by organisms, their health has a bad effect.

Natural causes include volcanoes, forest fires, and dust storms that cause large-scale pollution in the environment. Apart from this, soil erosion due to floods can be included in this. 

Domestic activities are the most important in environmental pollution, human activities include exploitation of plastic, refrigerant (AC), refrigerant in vehicles, household waste waste promotes environmental pollution. A common household chemical, bleach, a long-chain detergent, is a primary source of indoor air pollution. Tobacco smoking from the use of cigarettes and cigars also releases toxic pollutants into the air. Harmful chemicals produced in factories, from nuclear weapons used in border wars, are the main cause of chemical environmental pollution.

If human and natural causes are compared, then the destruction of this nature (environment) has been done by man. As technology has expanded, humans have done hundreds of experiments with it, but steps have been taken for the ill effects of these experiments when the consequences of environmental pollution come to the fore. When the truck was invented, there was no name and mark of Pollution Under Control Certificate (PUCC). But when vehicular smoke became an important part of air pollution, then one should take steps to reduce the pollutants in engines with modern techniques. 'Humans' are the main polluters for all these reasons. All the artificial sources, all have been synthesized by humans.

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