What is SDLC 

The full name of SDLC is Software Development Life Cycle .Software development is called the life cycle. SDLC is a systematic process for manufacturing software that determines the size of the software being manufactured. Ensures quality and purity. SDLC is a systematic process for manufacturing software that can be used to Designed, developed and tested by industry to design, develop and test high quality software goes. The purpose of the SDLC process is to produce high-quality software that meets, or exceeds, customer expectations, over a predetermined time of system development. To be completed within limits and cost estimates. SDLC A software lifecycle model is a special abstraction that defines a software life cycle. Represents a circle. SDLC contains a detailed plan that explains how to plan, build and maintain specific software. Each stage of the life cycle has its own process and deliverables that lead to the next stage.

Why SDLC is important in software development (Why SDLC is important for developing as oftware) 

SDLC is very important in developing a software, the main reasons are:

Provides a basis for project planning, scheduling and estimation

It is a mechanism for project taking and control.

Increases visibility of project planning to all stake holders involved in the development process.

It increases the speed of development.

It helps in reducing project risk and project management planning overhead

It provides a framework for a standard set of activities and deliverables.

It develops a system information system from scratch within a framework of structured steps

Helps in reducing the complexity of the project which helps in shaping the project and making it

Helps to manage easily.

It helps to convert an idea project into a functional and fully operational system.

What are the different phases in SDLC?

Requirement phase

Feasibility phase

Design phase

Implementation phase

Test phase

Installation and checkout phase

Operation and maintenance phase

How many types of SDLC models are there?

Waterfall model

incremental model

Spiral model


Big Bang model

Conclusion :

Every time a new project or a new phase of a software project is released, it is important to follow the Software Development Life Cycle, by doing so, in a systematic fashion to create new solutions to existing problems in a controlled and standardized manner. installs.

So before starting a new project, it is important to identify how the SDLC will cover and meet the overall requirements to deliver the best results.

I hope you have learned well what is SDLC, why SDLC is important in software development, what are the different stages of SDLC and what are the types of SDLC models.

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